A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol, Italy

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy

Good day from sunny and green South Tyrol in Italy, where you may have noticed I keep returning to.

What I enjoy today is the same emotion I felt when I first arrived here and six months later with my mother – it’s so unexpected and not at all what I pictured when I saw Italy in my head.

South Tyrol is lush with wildflowers in the early summer and changing foliage in the fall. If you enjoy the outdoors (as I do! ), there is a limitless number of treks, through Ferrara, climbing, winter skiing, and, of course, delicious food.

I also like how, as I drive through, I keep seeing castles (South Tyrol has 800), alpine lodges, and beautiful, rolling slopes covered in vines.

Considering my love of camping and my growing desire to keep connected and charged while doing so, I said “yes” without hesitation when battery firm VARTA Consumer requested me to join them in utilizing and photographing their torches, battery packs, power supply, and batteries with my closest friend Yvonne. Is there a more ideal job for me than a week of camping in my favorite area of Italy?

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy1

So far, here’s what’s been going on:


A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy

I love trekking, and every location has its own unique charm. Although I would never argue that one location is clearly superior to another, if we merely consider the beauty, quality, and diversity of routes, the Alps are my favorite mountain range. South Tyrol is home to a very spectacular section of them.

The cottages that connect people with the comforts of home, the lush vegetation, and the breathtaking mountain peaks all work together to entice me.

I really enjoy the mix of cultures that travel through them, which is especially visible in South Tyrol. Certainly, the beaches in the south and Tuscany are lovely, but I prefer hiking here. It is what keeps me returning.

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy2

I hiked from Rifugio Alpe di Tires 2440 M (yep, that’s the name!) to Rifugio Bolzano this time. You may also take public transportation up to Rifugio Alpe di Tires, which is 2440 meters above sea level (in my case I took a Jeep because we were short on time).

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy3

The trek is rather moderate, with only a few brief steep rises between the Rifugios. On a clear day, overlapping layers of mountains and valleys may be seen in all directions. I really liked how unique this trek appeared. I felt like I was on two different walks! That took roughly two hours one trip, however everyone is different.

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy4


Camping with a motorhome is rather straightforward in South Tyrol, and the parks provide decent amenities.

Corones, which features a pool and even little wine barrel chambers with heating and electrical outlets, is my current favorite (and it’s still going!).

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy5

Nonetheless, plugs were not an issue for us. We had enough power in many VARTA Consumer power banks, as well as enough of lights.


A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy6

If you’ve been reading for a long, you’ll know that I don’t talk much about food (which is why Jenn is so amazing! ), unless I’m in Italy, of course.

Yvonne and I had meals at Gostner Schwaige, a cottage in the valley below the climb we took famed for its colorful and imaginative food created with loads of local flowers, thanks to a terrific local’s advice.

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy7

Lunch is important. It was like wandering through a field of flowers, planting your face and devouring everything in sight, but more carefully picked and matched. It’s all about originality and inventiveness. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

The sparkling wine was laced with rose and pine, the salad had 24 different greens and blossoms, and the main meals were so full of taste and color that I forgot I was a food blogger for a moment as I went away with shot after photo of the cuisine. Normally, I would forget and dig into it, but it was too nice to waste time digging. I know I’m gushing, but go for it, and you’ll fall in love as well. Unless you despise flowers, which I’ve never encountered!

A Motorhome Adventure in South Tyrol Italy8

In an effort to publish more frequently, I’m writing this from a campsite, and here is my first impression of a motorhome in South Tyrol. Surprisingly, I still adore him the same way I always have. More will be added shortly!

*Of course, this content was created in partnership with Tourism South Tyrol and VARTA Consumer. I would never camp without a battery, and all of my product, campground, and food evaluations are genuine. Your trust is always prioritized.

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