Discover Asia’s 8 most tranquil destinations

The top 8 coldest places in Asia

Think of the most tranquil place you’ve ever visited. What do you remember?

I love the places that make me feel relaxed and happy, whether it’s because of the laid-back atmosphere, the genuine peace, or the wonderful people around me (or all of the above). They give me goosebumps and make me want to stay forever.

These are the places that I cherish the most. They are usually small communities that care deeply about preserving and enjoying nature, and the overall mood is serene. Here are some of the best ones I’ve discovered so far:

Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is a name that evokes magic and beauty. In Ella, you can find many bars and restaurants with cozy lofts filled with beanbags, coffee shops and local roti stalls that offer meals for less than a dollar. The train ride to or from this stunning city is also amazing (sit outside the door for the best view!).

Ella is surrounded by waterfalls, lovely hikes, and tea plantations on both sides. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again: it’s a kind of unwritten rule that any place with tea plantations will and should be beautiful.

Yubeng, China

The top 8 coldest places in Asia1

Yubeng is a remote village in the far west of China, near Tibet in Yunnan Province. It is nestled in the mountains and can only be accessed by a 15 km hike or mule ride from the nearest town – Deqen. In Yubeng, animals roam freely, the locals wear bright colors and the air is crisp and pure.

It is a holy area and prayer flags adorn the trees along the trail to Yubeng. I have never experienced such a tranquil place in my life. The white snow, the towering peaks, the flowing water, the hot pot of chicken, the constant silence and reflection, and the friendly people always fill me with a sense of grace and peace when I remember it.

Paï, Thailand

Discover Asias 8 most tranquil destinations

Pai is always on my mind. In life, in this blog, in my dreams. I adore it there and it seems like a hippie heaven. I could get lost listening to reggae, eating amazing creative Eggs Benedict at Boomelicious, and playing with fire at Circus School all day.

I could visit the Land Split, swim in the waterfalls and drink iced coffees all day, and usually do a mix of all of the above in the span of an afternoon. The thought has often occurred to me to set up a longer-term home there at some point.

Otres Beach, Cambodia

Discover Asias 8 most tranquil destinations1

Talking of hippie heaven, Otres Beach in Cambodia might be the champion, at least when I was there just over two years ago.

Most of the visitors who spend some time there follow the same routine: wake up, swim, have muesli and green tea, buy a mix of small sweet bananas, mangoes and pineapples from the fruit lady, have a few Anchor beers, swim, think about BBQ or bonfire, rinse, repeat. Why not? It is paradise in the flesh with its white sand beaches and perfect clear blue water.

Don Det, Laos

Discover Asias 8 most tranquil destinations2

Don Det is the first place I’ve ever witnessed a double rainbow. I was drifting down the Mekong River in an inner tube and right before me, spanning from bank to bank, was the most perfect double rainbow at the most perfect time it could have shown up.

It’s easy to relax at Don Det, read, swing in a hammock, ride a bike, and live in this river world.

Dali, China

Discover Asias 8 most tranquil destinations3

I was surprised to find hippies in China, and then I arrived in Dali.

Dali has everything, from an old man still living in a traditional house, wearing traditional clothes, growing a Full Manchu and smoking a long-stemmed pipe, to a dreadlocked Rasta Chinese in his early thirties selling handmade bracelets on the steps from the main street.

Dali is relaxed, it is situated by a beautiful lake and both Chinese and Western tourists enjoy it.

Tonsai Beach, Thailand

Discover Asias 8 most tranquil destinations4

Tonsai Beach, off Krabi and not to be mixed up with Tonsai on Koh Phi Phi, is gorgeous. I found it by chance as I was captivated by Tonsai’s view on my way to Railay (I asked the boatman to take me back to Tonsai once I saw it, please and thank you), I Returned and love the relaxed vibe and beautiful scenery.

Tonsai is also a lively place, full of kayakers, divers, rock climbers, fire dancers and slackline walkers. It’s the perfect place to learn a new skill or just chill by the beach and read some books.

Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam

Discover Asias 8 most tranquil destinations5

It was my favorite part of Vietnam because the locals flashed me peace signs as I rode on my motorbike, families gazed in curiosity and waved from their porches, and an old lady sat on my bike with me, touched my face, then rested for a while as we just sat there in quiet silence. It was all quite weird and wonderful.

There is really only one road through town and not much noise or activity around. This makes it a truly peaceful, agricultural and naturally beautiful place. I really felt serene and in my natural element in Phong Nha.


These are my personal favorites, but there are surely countless relaxing places to discover, and what’s cool is usually a bit unknown, so the level of coolness changes often. Anyway, when I think back on my travels, these were the places I liked the most and where I found the most similar people. Coincidentally, they are all naturally beautiful.

What would you add to the list? I’m always looking for the next peaceful, quiet, sweet destination.

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