How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii?

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii6

Someone I knew made a solo vacation to Hawaii while I was in high school, and I remember feeling extremely horrible for him, since a solitary trip to such a lovely place must be dreadful, no? Isn’t this correct?

This was before I learned the advantages of solo travel, and after years of doing so, I came to envy myself for being able to go to such a beautiful place by myself. Absolute independence in a wild and adventurous environment like Hawaii seemed like a dream come true.

When the opportunity to work on a photographic project in Hawaii offered itself, I leaped at the chance to check it out alone, certain that Hawaii might be more than just a honeymoon location.

It turned out to be the case! These are some of the finest activities to do on Maui, many of which will allow you to meet other travelers and go on solo adventures:

Road to Hana

This famed route includes over 600 curves, and while some of them are hairpin turns on a one-lane road, everything will be OK as long as you move gently and make your way before other visitors.

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii1

The Road to Hana has rapidly become one of Maui’s most popular excursions, taking you through some of the island’s most beautiful scenery, including waterfalls, black sand beaches, rainforests, and a bamboo forest.

I created this one on my own and was pleased to have all the time and space I needed to execute it properly in whatever manner I chose.

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii2

You won’t be able to obtain mobile coverage there, so I suggest buying the Gypsy Guide for the Road to Hana, which is satellite-synchronized. The voice over software, which I christened ‘Bill’ since he sounded like a Bill, makes excellent recommendations on must-see attractions, provides historical context, and will notify you well before you arrive at each monument. This assistance was helpful without a browser.

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii3

Surfing Girls from Maui

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii4

I’m delighted I taught surf lessons in Maui. I’ve been avoiding surfing for a long time, and I’m not sure why. I think I simply figured it would be difficult and that I would be pitted against a slew of men much superior than myself.

Maui Surfer Girls made me feel at ease with the whole event. The waves on Maui’s side (Olowalu Beach near Lahaina) are lovely and tiny, the scenery of the green mountains while riding the waves is stunning, and there was enough of space to learn.

I was surprised to find myself standing near my second wave and riding two throughout my two-hour class. The non-competitive, female-friendly atmosphere offered by these classes has made me feel wonderful, and the surf camps they give make it easier to meet other female travelers! Take some surf lessons in Maui; it’s incredibly fun!

Scuba diving at Molokini Crater

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii5

That was my first activity on the island, and I was shocked at how quickly I made friends on the boat. Everyone were pleasant even though they were there with their loved ones, and I ended up conversing and making friends from the start. I also found the staff to be very kind and easy to chat to, which added to the whole experience as a lone traveler.

Molokini Crater is a crescent-shaped, partly submerged volcanic crater that is popular for snorkeling and diving. The boat excursion was the highlight for me since being on the water is one of my favorite things in life. Jumping into the warm water, seeing an octopus, and swimming all contributed to the enjoyment.

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii6

You have a few alternatives for arranging this kind of cruise, however I would choose a smaller boat. I’ve seen several with hundreds of people, but Alii Nui’s maximum is 60. (but there were only 24 when I went last Monday). The cuisine was delicious, the wine and drink were complimentary, and it included pick-up and drop-off at my hotel.

These are some travel advice for single women:

  • Safety: Thankfully, Maui is quite secure, with most crime confined to small thievery. Nonetheless, many individuals on the island do not even lock their doors, indicating that it is a secure area for women going alone. Just be sure you get your rental vehicle (book here!). A tiny automobile in Maui is perfect for you, despite what the person at the rental site tries to sell you).
  • Meeting new people: This may be simpler than you think. I hadn’t realized how many folks I already knew in Maui. Announce on your Facebook profile that you’re going, and you never know who will show up!
  • Think about utilizing social media: You may be able to discover folks if you have an active social media account, such as Instagram or Snapchat. Instead, try or

Places to stay and eat:

How to Take a Great Solo Female Trip to Hawaii7
  • The Grand Wailea: The rooms and gardens are spectacular, and the staff will serve you all day. It’s fantastic. The cuisine at the Grand Wailea is also some of the greatest I’ve ever had. I am entirely serious. Humuhumu, their eatery, served great food. Spend money on supper even if you aren’t staying at this hotel. It’s well worth it!
  • Midrange: Kaanapali Beach Hotel: Such a beautiful setting for a sunset! This hotel is cozy without being small, and it is an excellent mid-range alternative.
  • Budget: Camping in Hawaii is fantastic, and if you’re ready to suffer the rain, you can save a ton of money. Alternatively, look into AirBnB for alternatives. Ono Tacos, a taco truck in Lahaina, serves affordable and tasty fish, al pastor, pollo, and asado tacos.

Thus, if you’re considering a trip to Hawaii but are weary of waiting for the proper chance or person to join you, look no farther than your own thoughts. Really, I was blown away by how simple and enjoyable it was to meet people in Hawaii, whether they were residents or other visitors. Don’t be afraid to go on a solitary journey here; instead, embrace it and enjoy the experience!

*As said in the introduction, I was in Hawaii for a photographic job, so I collaborated with the Hawaii Tourism Board to bring you this story. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. I only recommend products that I believe you will like. Your trust is always prioritized.

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